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Business Development Coaching

When it comes to farming, new ideas and innovations can lead to success however sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. At CoachingTalk, we can coach and guide you to get the most out of your ideas and identify strategies to move forward and achieve success.

Time Management Coaching

Time is often one of the biggest challenges in the agricultural sector. The limited supply of adequate staffing as well as certain times of the year being too busy, there can be great difficulties in managing time efficiently enough to get the best out of this limited resource. CoachingTalk offers workshops and one-to-one sessions in Time Management to ensure that you achieve the optimum results from the limited time that you have.

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Farming is possibly one of the most difficult careers to ensure mental and physical health are prioritised. There are times of year where sleep deprivation, weather interference and lack of staffing can make things feel overwhelming. At CoachingTalk, we can help explore ways to ensure that even the most trying times are manageable by ensuring your own health is prioritised.


Social Anxiety Coaching

Farming is quite often a solitary career. Spending so much time on your own, or only interacting with animals, it can become difficult to face the thought of large crowds or social interactions with strangers. It is vital however that you interact with other people to ensure that you continue to develop and thrive as people in your own right. CoachingTalk can help make this process more manageable and even enjoyable!


Reach for the Stars

For suckler and dairy farmers in particular the introduction and what seems like continual changes to ICBF ratings and ‘stars’ can leave everything difficult to understand. At CoachingTalk we can break down and explain the jargon. We can explore how each individual farmer can best make the stars work for them and create an understanding to make the system work best for their own enterprise.

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